Sunday, May 25, 2014

Request Update

I have changed the settings to allow anyone to post a request, even anonymously. Go crazy; just remember to follow the guidelines on the request page. Enjoy!


  1. Hello there! I love your blog, It is uncommon to find one with only F2F material!

    I have a trait swap request, with a bit of age progression / regression. I already have the pictures for it, as they inspired me the story in the first place. Thanks in advance, I really hope you like it!
    A female bodybuilder named Denise receives a call from Virginia, who has found out that she is the lover of her husband, Frank. They met at the gym, where middle-aged Frank went to get back in shape and where Denise worked as a personal trainer. She mocks Virginia's feeble physique and age, and claims that it's natural that Frank wants a muscular woman on her prime, and not an old bag like her. "He is much better with me now, sweetheart!" she replies. [I wish the picture had a better quality]
    At the brink of tears, Virginia hangs the phone and looks at the floor so no one can see her cry. At her feet she finds a strange jet black business card, which reads "Doctor Namirrha: Black Magic, Hexes", almost involuntarily she picks it up.
    Some time later, Denise and Frank are living together. One day they find a strange symbol painted on their door. Frank believes it to be just vandalism, but Denise blames it on Virginia, even knowing that she moved to other city after the divorce. That week Frank makes an offhand comment about Denise looking smaller. She panics and checks herself in the mirror, she does look a bit less muscular, and there are a few strands of gray on her hair that weren't there the day before.
    Months pass, and things aren't going well for Denise. Doctors couldn't figure out how to stop or reverse her bizarre premature aging and muscular atrophy, which has left her with the body of a scrawny woman 15 years her senior. Frank is gone, their relationship was too superficial to survive her illness. She still works as an instructor, but on a less fancy gym. She no longer had the looks for the old one.
    While training, Denise receives a message on her phone; just a line of text and the picture of a very muscular woman. The face is cropped, but the body is just how hers used to look like. The text leaves no doubts about her identity: "It is much better with me now, sweetheart!"

    Keep on the good job!


    - Tropican

  2. Hello! Could you make a caption with this picture, please? Thanks a lot!

    I imagine that the woman in the black bikini is placing her hand on the back of the other, trying to steal her younger, prettier body. The woman with the red bikini just noticed that something weird is happening to her neighbor, and realizes that she could be next!

  3. Jenna Coleman the doctors companion please

  4. How about an older woman, 50s or 60s, kinda chubby and unattractive swaps bodies with a hot girl in her 20s