Thursday, March 6, 2014


Every captioner seems to coin a new genre of caption to call their own work. So, I've taken the idea I used on my previous caption "Bump" and I"m going to try to make it a theme. I'm calling it The Dream for now, but if anyone else has other names they think would suite the theme better, let me know. Also, I want to know everyone's thoughts on a possible Request format on this site. You can use this caption as the place to let me know your opinion on requests. Don't be shy; I always enjoy and appreciate comments :]

Part 1

Part 2


By the way, the girl in the first part of this caption is gorgeous, in my opinion :}

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  1. Great story, haunting swap, I love the worm turns type of story Well done, great choice of pics

    I've got a request. 'A wrong person changed back' Say I beautiful woamn hires at older average to take her place at something she doesn't want to do. but at the end a mistake, accident or delieberate is made & the original beautiful woman iis changed 'back' into the older &less attractive one