Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Switch with Me, Act II

It's been too long, so here are a couple of new ones, including a continuation. I've made quite a few new stories to share, so brace yourselves for some actual posting from this blog!

Part 4

Part 5

World Shifted

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Someone Help Me

Part 1

Part 2


Sorry for not being as regular as others making this type of material. And don't expect me to be. It's free content, and these stories are not made to appease the small percentage of unappreciative morons; I chose to share these for entertainment and, hopefully, the small crowd that enjoys these like myself can get a sense of appreciation that someone takes any time at all out of their day to make stories. Honestly, my obligation to anyone viewing this is zilch. So, if you want to give captioners a hard time for stopping their work abruptly, just remember that you're not paying for it, and you sure as hell don't command or have any control over the content makers or the lives they live outside of whatever time and effort they put into making these stories. I will have the endings to this story and the previous one. When, or even if I chose to share them, is up to me :). Have a great Sunday!